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The body of Christ which meets at the church of Christ in Altoona all have at one time lived in the world and was in bondage to sin and the ways of the world. Now we live in hope and have freedom from the sin in the world through the liberty that comes from Jesus the Christ.

If you are struggling and looking for answers that the world just does not seem to be able to satisfy, we encourage you to come or call and talk to someone. Christ has the answers, they are recorded for us in the Bible, which is His Word.

Jesus Christ was the only one to walk this earth in human flesh and weakness and yet sinned not. He lived and died of that the world does not deny. The fact that He died for others, a holy sacrifice to atone for all, that all may become saved by the cleansing of His blood is to the believer the hope which sustains them in these times.

He died for you and me. Whether you believe that or not does not change the fact of the matter that He did. Don't disregard such a wonderful gift. You are valuable because you were bought for a price. The amount was so high that it cost the life of Jesus, the Son of God. He has overcome death and has prepared a place for those who look to His returning.

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